About Lauren

Lauren Hannaford has been an elite gymnast for over 20 years, and has won many titles including National Vault Champion and Level 10 All-round Artistic State Champion, as well as competing at state level in triple jump. Lauren is a fitness model, dancer, gymnastics coach and a highly sought after Personal trainer to many Celebrities, Athletes and Olympians. On second thoughts, this is all very formal and she’d prefer to be written in the first person like a normal human being. Hi, wow, yes that’s much better! And please call me Loz, all my friends do. I’ve been a gymnast all my life, competing and coaching at a national level. It was while working as a gymnastics coach and fitness professional that I was approached to work with The Wiggles. I’m always up for a bit of adventure so for four years, when I wasn’t flying through the air or walking on my hands, I was lucky enough to be touring the world performing as a Wiggly dancer, Wags the Dog and even Dorothy the Dinosaur. It was while travelling the world with an amazing but hectic touring schedule that I created my own signature style of high-intensity bodyweight interval workouts known as FHIT (Functional High Intensity Training) that can be done anywhere. Seriously, I have worked out all across the world in the backstage of theatres, hotel rooms, parks, and even alongside the tour bus in carparks, so you can trust me when I say that with the right style of workout you really can train anywhere and get results, whatever the weather, and I can show you how. FHIT differs from many other types of workouts around today. Using my knowledge of core gymnastics exercises and skills, these workouts give strength, conditioning and cardio (and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that gymnasts are serious about strength and conditioning, and their training techniques give incredible results – especially in the ab area!) I’m so pleased to be able to bring these techniques I learnt as a gymnast out into the world, to people who have never experienced it before. But don’t worry, you truly don’t need to have started gymnastics at the age of five like I did to be able to get a great FHIT workout that’ll get results AND put a smile on your face (and I can even teach you how to do a handstand properly). You’ll love it, trust me. Now let’s go have some fun.



The results that I’ve achieved since working out with Loz Hannaford have been extraordinary. Not only have I become leaner and fitter, her lifestyle and bright spirit inspires me to get up each day with a smile. She’s a patient, thorough and creative teacher whose love for life shines through everything she does. After training with Loz, I’ve gone from being someone who’d log in a few robotic sessions at the gym each week to someone who can’t wait to go for run, try a dance class, spend weekends doing yoga, or go swimming with friends. To top it all off, I can now do a mean handstand!

Bec Brown, PR Director

Not only is Lauren the most wonderful, generous creature you’ll ever meet (no joke – she would move heaven and earth for you), but she is an exceptionally talented athlete and trainer. Most trainers out there lack charisma and a real sense of what their clients want and need. Lauren, on the other hand, just gets us. She knows how to tailor each workout to our needs (and varies the workout to suit our different needs, given we are a couple), explains how each workout is relevant to our goals, has given us confidence, makes us feel amazing – and working out with her is just so much fun!!! And she actually looks just as an athlete should. She is gifted, straight to her core.

Doug and Kimberley – Bronte

I knew Lauren back in the days of primary school and always knew she was destined to do great things. She was just one of those kids that you knew would be successful no matter what. She was very inspiring, even then. What I didn’t know was that all these years later I would have the privilege to see her again and be trained by her to better my health and fitness. I came across her on her instagram and tracked her down. Now my strength, life, happiness and handstand technique is all the more better for doing so. Thanks Loz!!

Stacey – Chatswood

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